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Our Friendly Certified Shop Mascot


Say Hello To LuLu

Lulu is a licensed support dog at our Med Spa, dedicated to providing emotional support to our patients. This adorable mitsu is a certified therapy dog who has undergone extensive training, making her qualified to provide comfort in stressful situations. Lulu greets patients with her friendly personality and calming energy, immediately creating a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

With her warm and gentle demeanor, Lulu loves to cuddle up next to her patients, providing a sense of companionship and comfort during their appointment. She has become an integral part of our team, helping patients who may feel anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed. 

Lulu brings joy and therapeutic benefits to everyone she encounters, making her an essential component of our Med Spa’s mission to promote overall wellness and relaxation.

We Are A Pet Friendly Med Spa - Bring Your Furry Friends!