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a procedure that places tiny needles into proper acupoints

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What is Acupuncture?

Modern professional acupuncture, rooted in Chinese medical practice, dates back some 3000 years. Oriental Medicine includes the practice of acupuncture. Chinese’s herbologyy, and other techniques.

Acupuncture therapy, a procedure that places tiny needles into proper acupoints along the meridians, helps regulate the body’s energy flow, which alleviates energy blockages and allows the body to regain a state of balance, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Ancient but Still Alive

The Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor is the Source of all Chinese medical Theory. Complied by unknown authors between 300 and 100 B.C., it is the oldest of the Chinese medical texts, Acupuncture was introduced to Korea and Japan during the period 420-589 A.D. The first book about acupuncture, translated into Dutch and Latin, appeared in the West during the 15th Century. Europeans most notably the French, have been involved in acupuncture therapy for the last 300 years.

Standard Medical Procedures

Oriental medicine in the United States has strong ties with western healing systems. It is not substitute for western medicine. They are both complementary systems.

Generally speaking, western medicine is best for acute illnesses and for diagnostic procedures. Chronic illnesses often respond better to Oriental medicine. Most acupuncture patients have already had western medical diagnosis and treatment of their conditions but they needed further help.

Health with Acupuncture?

How Safe is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a very safe system of health care when done by a well trained practitioner. It is gentle and drug free therapy for acute and chronic physical complaints, mental and emotional stress. It can be helpful for people of all ages.

Al needled are sterile and disposable, practitioners hands are washed thoroughly between patients, and office hygiene principles are carefully observed.

Acupuncture therapy may be used along with other types of medical care to great advantage.

Will it Hurt?

An acupuncture needle is very fine, with a tapered point that parts the skin rather than cutting the tissue. There are usual some sensations of energy movement but not pain.

How Effective is it?

Acupuncture is highly recommended as a preventative therapy to correct minor imbalances before they become severe. If an imbalance can be detected before symptoms occur, and balance is restored, the patient need not suffer illness.

Welcome Dr. Lisa Cyr Nelson

We have a new team member, Dr. Lisa Cyr Nelson, with extensive experience in acupuncture. She’s committed to providing a range of acupuncture services that promote optimal health and well-being for our patients. With compassionate care and customized treatment plans, Dr. Nelson will make a significant positive impact on our patients. We’re happy to have her on our team!