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Sade Trujillo

Patient Coordinator

Sade Trujillo’s journey in healthcare reflects a remarkable dedication to both professional growth and compassionate patient care. Her diverse experiences, ranging from Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, finishing her LVN degree to pursuing further education in nursing, demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning.

Her expertise spans across various medical settings. This breadth of knowledge equips her with a comprehensive understanding of patient needs across different specialties, allowing her to deliver tailored care and support.

What sets Sade apart is her unwavering empathy, professionalism, and strong work ethic. These qualities enable her to build strong rapport with patients and collaborate effectively within multidisciplinary teams to ensure the delivery of optimal care.

Her transition into the Medspa industry showcases her ability to adapt and excel in diverse healthcare environments. By combining her healthcare background with a passion for aesthetics, Sade brings a unique perspective to the Medspa setting, prioritizing not only the enhancement of beauty but also the overall well-being and comfort of her clients.