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Before and After: Real Stories from The Butterfly Facelift Patients


Real stories resonate deeply, especially when considering a transformative cosmetic procedure like The Butterfly Facelift offered at Don’t Wait 2 Rejuvenate (DW2R) Med Spa in Newport Beach. Witnessing the before and after experiences of past patients can not only inspire but also provide a concrete sense of what to expect. Here, we share compelling testimonials from individuals who have undergone The Butterfly Facelift, showcasing their journey and results.

A Business Executive’s Renewed Confidence

Jane’s Story: At 52, Jane found that her facial aging didn’t reflect her energetic lifestyle or business acumen. After her Butterfly Facelift, she saw remarkable improvements in her skin’s tightness and overall youthfulness. “The results were instant and impactful. My colleagues noticed a refreshed look but couldn’t pinpoint that I had done a procedure,” Jane explains. The subtle yet significant lift restored her confidence, making her feel as dynamic on the outside as she did on the inside.

Embracing Retirement with a Fresh Look

Tom’s Story: Retirement was a milestone Tom looked forward to, but he wanted to enter this new phase looking as vibrant as he felt. At 67, Tom chose The Butterfly Facelift to erase years of sun damage and gravity. “The procedure was straightforward, and recovery was quick. I was out enjoying my retirement without any lengthy downtime,” Tom shares. The treatment gave him a fresher, younger appearance, aligning his outer self with his youthful spirit.

Early Intervention for Lasting Beauty

Alicia’s Story: Alicia, a 38-year-old marketing professional, noticed early signs of aging that she wanted to nip in the bud. Opting for The Butterfly Facelift at DW2R allowed her to proactively address fine lines and slight sagging. “I believe in preventive measures. This facelift was a part of maintaining my appearance as I age,” Alicia says. Her proactive approach helped maintain her natural beauty, postponing more invasive procedures for the future.


The Butterfly Facelift at DW2R Med Spa has not only transformed faces but lives. Through advanced, minimally invasive techniques, this procedure provides a real change with minimal downtime, making it a preferred choice for many. Jane, Tom, and Alicia’s stories are just a few examples of how The Butterfly Facelift has positively impacted our patients, offering them a renewed sense of self and confidence.

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